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Things I would like to be changed/ added Empty Things I would like to be changed/ added

on Fri 14 Aug - 20:57

first of all I want to say that I am not complaining, and I have played 4h only and it's release day. But still I would like to talk about some things which could be changed.

1. Sliding down hills is a bad thing, overall you tend to slide alot in this game. Even when you try to climb a big rock. The bad thing about that is, that you take damage and its not little.
Also sometimes you spawn on a mountain / hill and get your stuff from there but you have to get downhill into the zone or to pvp whatever and then you are forced into getting dmg. Today I had a 6kill round with 6 enemys left I also had a sniper. But I had to get downhill and I was in a groove kinda thing between both hills. I just couldnt get out eventho the hill wasnt that steep. I had to walk around for like 40 sec to get out whilst the zone was coming. It's just not fun at edges. Also try walking up the Airplane in the starting zone and then up a hill, difference is huge.

2. Small Rocks: There are small rocks which are as high as your ankle, those have a hitbox which gets you stuck often. They are so small that you should be able to walk over them without a problem. But I often run into them and sometimes even while pvping which gets me stuck while straving and I end up dead. Keep the rocks as texture but remove their hitbox.

3. Left pieking is almost impossible at the moment. You have to show so much of your body just to see around left corners while the other guy can be in full cover seeing you lurking around. Try to add a left shouldver button so you can switch between left and right. H1 players will miss the thirst person, I actually dont need it that much, you made a great job with the third person camera inside buildings, but that also could be a thing to add.

4. When the servers are getting stable try to fix the matchmaking because 30man lobbys are just to small. You get 2 or with luck 4 early kills and then you walk into the middle of the zone and there is just 5 guys left.

5. Of course when you guys get to do it, new crosshair designs and most importantly different colours would be great.

6. I would like to have a player config in the steam game folder to make it read only, so my resolution and other stuff wont be changed.

7. There are many buildings which make the guns spawn below the floor and hard to see, it's good that they have an animation ontop which give you the possibility to see them below the ground but that should not be the case. Some other buildings I feel like dont even have spawns for anything.

8. A timer in the pre lobby of the game where all people start. Just to see when the match starts so you know if you have time to get something to drink or whatever, it just feels nicer knowing when it will start. And now when the servers are struggling it would also be nice to know because then you can see if the server is bugged and you should search a new one.

9. Add it so we can see the health from the guy who killed you. Me and many others are curious how close it was.

10. the boxes with the perks are way to loud and take to much attention, also I think they spawn to much, there is just to many. Also it would be nice to see a difference of the boxes, like the passive ones have a green glow and the offensive ones have a red glow.

11. Fences in citys, there was a guy in a building I wanted to push, but I had to walk around the whole block to get around the fence. I am talking about the wood fences tho, which are higher than the character, try to add bags of trash around them to make it possible to jump over, make them destroyable or make fence doors to walk through and skip a long outside walk.

12. The minimap is a bit off and not in correct line with your character. Just spawn in the pre lobby and climb up the airplane and you will know what I mean if you check the minimap.

13. Please add a voice chat also in some time, the communication between other players is just very low, also it's just more fun^^

14. Reduce the sound of the balls in pre lobby, you can hear them across the whole lobby.

15. Nerf the shotguns...

16. Try adding bullet tracers or make a training mode, its so hard to figure out the bullet drop and velocity speed.

17. Lower the sound of the footballs you can hear them across the whole waiting place which is just annoying.

18. Add a sound for picking up granades because sometimes you dont realise that you picked it up.

19.Add a sound for punching, just feels awkward without a sound when you Punch and also if you hit something and it makes no sense.

20. Try adding faster zones or dynamic zones at some point. The Early game is pretty nice in Anarea, you always have up to 5 people around you close by. But the mid-game is terrible, often you run around for a couple minutes without finding one ( I am aware that its 60 man lobbys max and 80 was planned ) but until we get 80 or even more, which I prefer, dynamic zones would do the job to keep up the action. Since I thought this game was supposed to be a fast BR.

21. You can't shoot across the Ocean from a hill to the Lighthouse for example, there is an invisible wall.

22. Try turning Rocks out in the wild which are there for protection but often dont work in properly cause of height and others.

I have not made any clips yet which kinda sucks, I would've liked to show you exactly where and what I ment but I havent made them yet. If you anyways want me to show some clips I can add them later on.
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