ANAREA Battle Royale
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on Fri 14 Aug - 19:58
Suggestions for future updates:
Skill crate sound should go away after opening it
Shouldn't be able to switch to a weapon you're holding
Adjust crouch footsteps
Make arm tighter when crouched and holding a gun
Make default settings more user friendly
Death animation
Seeing the persons health who you're spectating
Footstep glitch after killing someone
Being able to see names in pregame when you"re close to people
Touch up invisible barriers in pregame
Proximity chat
Fix looting skills
Servers/Game crashes
Make it more obvious when the game is starting
Texture bug when you first spectate someone
Touch up loot distribution
Touch up some textures around map
Touch up some clipping around map
Some guns spawn in ground
Make more a clear difference with doors you can and can't open
Block off ladders you can't climb for less confusion
Add more Folige
Add more natural cover
Add zone advancing text
Add text to tell you if you're in or out of the next zone
Add text to let you know if you need to reload
Adjust zone speeds/damages
Fix issues with game making streams look laggy
Fix bug where if you right click on a heal then tab out of the inventory the message stays on screen
Add option for training mode for new players/on screen tips
Look into loosing shield during fall damage
Fix gas ring\Can't see through either sides
Fix the bug when the gas is right behind you and your screen glitches out
Fix "Lobby ending in X seconds" message, seems to be a bit unnecessary/confusing
Add incentive for winning
Fix Leveling up
Make more windows jump-throughable
Adjust doors to be easier to acess buildings
Touch up shadows
Optimize games performance overall
Something to better explain skills to new players
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