ANAREA Battle Royale
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Anarea is a work in progress and you need to understand that... Empty Anarea is a work in progress and you need to understand that...

on Fri 14 Aug - 19:49
So far, i'm liking it but people have to remember this is still a work in progress...! Movement seems cool, weapons, meds and all that stuff is looking good but from my in-game experience there's some things that need to change or to possibly be better...

For example:

- in some surfaces i don't hear my footsteps and i don't know if the enemy hears me either ;

- there are some hills near a city - don't know the city now but like north side maybe, i'm not sure - but one of them, i was going towards the city and i got killed by the enemy where he was inside of the rocks, you know, inside the hill, like a glitch or something like walking through a wall... maybe (really) fix that ;

- the inventory HUD really needs a touch, maybe make the HUD a bit more solid so we can see better ;

- don't know if it is possible or if its already working now in the game but this game should be a bit more ' low specs friendly '... might be already but it kinda drops like 20, 30 FPS a lot of times and for me, i have a reasonable PC (i7 7700K, 32GB RAM, 2070 RTX Super) but i think this is really important so everybody can enjoy or try this game but yeah, try make it more smooth while playing, i don't know i'm kinda of a newbie on these things, don't judge me please  Laughing  ;

- some other bugs that could be fixed ;

- after you kill someone you can still hear their footsteps like someone's just walking by for like a good 5 - 10 seconds, kinda like ******** had that AK-47 sound glitch after you killed someone who was using it ;

- this might be the worst thing to talk about but sometimes the game just crashes... i see people complaining and stuff, even talking about getting a refund but i'm not gonna do that... I mean, everything starts from zero. This game is developed by a small team - A SMALL TEAM - and they already did a lot of progress! I believe in them and in their abilitys to make this game better because good things take time ;

Wish nothing but success to this dev team! Hope they get some new fixes in the next couple of days!

Feel free to add a comment to this post! And please bring positive feedback! No negative vibes here! For the person that's reading this: have an awesome day! And have faith! Things might not be okay right now but eventually they will get better!

Cheers,  cheers

_ MorZz

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