ANAREA Battle Royale
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Number of bugs found. Here they are: Empty Number of bugs found. Here they are:

on Fri 14 Aug - 15:46
-9/10 Every time a game ends / you die, game crashes.
-6/10 Games disconnect before you can even play.
-Every main menu lobby after a game has ended changes your selected region of server to EU
-When you crouch before a game starts in the proximity, you start a game as crouched.
-Starting number of players goes down over time before a game starts. (most likely people crashing issue) Example: number of players can go up to about 97, then decreases rapidly so a game will start with about 17-30 players.
-Some games you try to join will kick you saying "the game has already started."
-A good number of server crashes before the game starts.
That's all I got for now, will update when needed.

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