ANAREA Battle Royale
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Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.  Empty Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.

on Fri 31 Jul - 21:44
I played H1/Z1 since its birth.  There will never be a battle royale like H1/Z1.  There has been no other game that can be the 2 tap that H1/Z1 gave or the hype that H1/Z1 had.  This game Anarea I seen gameplay footage I believe this game may come close.  Now I preordered this game months ago because I believe these indie projects and I believe this game could take off  the same way ******** did.    

Now my question.   H1/Z1 was tore apart by cheats.  H1 devs didnt give a damn about cheaters they literally stopped caring and actually started to do false bans on ppl who they thought was cheating.  What AC will Anarea be using?  Is it a custom anticheat?  I did not see this in the FAQ.   Back months ago when COD Warzone came out I told the devs they are gonna need to be sure absolutely sure to have a strong anticheat or that game would be ruined.   Guess what look whats happening in Warzone to this day.  Cheaters ruin games.  Cheaters ruin fun.  Whats the point in playing a battle royale these days if ppl is just gonna cheat at it?  All those years of H1/Z1 it felt damn good to master the 2 tap legit without cheats.  I hope that in Anarea it wont be infested with cheaters the way H1/Z1 did become.  I hope these devs are ready.  I hope they care about the cheats that go on and I hope they put a stop to them. There will be cheaters I just to want to see a dev team that cares to actually stop them. Look forward to playing this game.

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Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.  Empty Re: Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.

on Sat 1 Aug - 0:42
Yea a good anticheat would be nice

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