ANAREA Battle Royale
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Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.  Empty Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.

on Fri 31 Jul - 21:44
I played H1/Z1 since its birth.  There will never be a battle royale like H1/Z1.  There has been no other game that can be the 2 tap that H1/Z1 gave or the hype that H1/Z1 had.  This game Anarea I seen gameplay footage I believe this game may come close.  Now I preordered this game months ago because I believe these indie projects and I believe this game could take off  the same way ******** did.    

Now my question.   H1/Z1 was tore apart by cheats.  H1 devs didnt give a damn about cheaters they literally stopped caring and actually started to do false bans on ppl who they thought was cheating.  What AC will Anarea be using?  Is it a custom anticheat?  I did not see this in the FAQ.   Back months ago when COD Warzone came out I told the devs they are gonna need to be sure absolutely sure to have a strong anticheat or that game would be ruined.   Guess what look whats happening in Warzone to this day.  Cheaters ruin games.  Cheaters ruin fun.  Whats the point in playing a battle royale these days if ppl is just gonna cheat at it?  All those years of H1/Z1 it felt damn good to master the 2 tap legit without cheats.  I hope that in Anarea it wont be infested with cheaters the way H1/Z1 did become.  I hope these devs are ready.  I hope they care about the cheats that go on and I hope they put a stop to them. There will be cheaters I just to want to see a dev team that cares to actually stop them. Look forward to playing this game.

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Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.  Empty Re: Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.

on Sat 1 Aug - 0:42
Yea a good anticheat would be nice

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Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.  Empty Re: Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.

on Thu 13 Aug - 21:17
Every anticheat can be bypass with enough time and knowledge but multiple layers of cheat detection can be the key to keep a clean game (or at least with a minimum amount of cheater).

Layers of cheat detection :

- Stats
- Replay
- verified paypal(bank) account or any card id even mobile number
- HWID ban
- IP ban

The last thing i did not mention, but you did !  "I hope devs are ready".
Ready to listen the community and gonna take time to investigate on suspect

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Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.  Empty Re: Hello from a former H1/Z1 player.

on Fri 14 Aug - 15:18
In ******** the quality of life improvements ruined the game tbh. They went hand in hand with cheat developers which made it easy to cheat.


Pulling items to certain slots by skill of hand. Helmets, weapons items.. its one of the aspects that distinctively showed who was a better player when it came to looting and getting ready to kill people. ******** made these kind of looting mechanics automatic and instant, thus making it easier for people to hack.

When did ******** start getting full of cheaters? After combat update which introduced a lot of QOL, less recoils and some insane weps that just made it hard to spot a hacker even for devs.

So what ive said amounts to two things, QOL in the aspect of easy gearing up makes it easier for hackers to equip items and re-equip helmets/armors. No bulletdrop makes it easier for hackers to get away with hacks because its basically point and click instead of actually finding the "sweet spot" by muscle memory and skill.

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