ANAREA Battle Royale
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Training Camp Empty Training Camp

on Wed 19 Aug - 17:32
In the main menu, an option called: Training Camp .

You press it, it opens a small box saying: Are you sure you want to enter Training Camp?

2 options: Yes and No

Pressing yes, it loads and takes you to Training Camp...

This camp has some tables, each table has a weapon and ammo for it (infinite ammo, right? i don't know  Laughing  ) and by passing the mouse through the weapon, it appears a small document saying the damage it does and stuff...

Also in the camp, targets... 100 m , 200 m , 300 m ... up to 500 m maybe ? you know, 'cuz bullet drop...

Basically, this is good for people like me who want to master the basics and the fundamentals of this game... So yeah... Feel free to add a comment!

Thank you for you time reading this! Much love! Have an awesome day!


_ MorZz o/
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Training Camp Empty Re: Training Camp

on Wed 19 Aug - 17:54
I'm actually good without training camp, since I think it is a shortcut to becoming good at the game. People will be spending too much time in the training camp and being good at the game will be shown by how much time you've spent in the training camp, which I'm not a fan off. I think skills should be shown more by experience in the actual game than time spent in training camp. I think adding a training mode was a problem for example H1 and fortnite, since people was spending hours just grinding, which made both of these games way more sweaty than they should have been. Thanks Smile
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