ANAREA Battle Royale
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What I've experienced and many others have! (Bugs, changes and Additions) Empty What I've experienced and many others have! (Bugs, changes and Additions)

on Mon 17 Aug - 18:57

- Game Freezing during a match not in pregame lobby
- Bullet registration
- Add audio where bullets whiz by you. It's hard to know if you're being shot at
- Invisible barriers throughout the map
- High Ping
- Objects levetating in Nera City in Stores
- Falling through the train at depot
- Issues with climbing hills and ledges for rotation and escaping
- Fix the hill between harmony and nera city
- Zones Ending outside of the map in the water
- Being able to shoot a person while being in full cover unseen from the other player


- Player Model Ghosting
- Issues with punching
- Hearing footsteps after getting a kill
- AK recoil fixes
- Not being able to shoot through chain linked fences
- Loot models not showing on spawn but can still pick up
- Can't jump crouch over railings and some windows
- Not being able to ADS quickly after switching weapons (weapon in hand)
- Inventory getting stuck when putting ammo in or swapping guns
- Barries on the edges of the map blocking bullets
- Spectating Bugs
- Wrong abient noises in certain locations
- Can't leave a game
- Shotgun constantly does the reload animation while reloading and swapping weapon slots
- Server doesn't allow anyone to pickup weapons off spawn


- Add some Mobility like a moped at least
- Auto move heals from inventory into hands instead of manual swap
- Increase jump height or add objects to loot spots
- Add stairs to shipment crates
- Larger crosshair options
- Shooting through windows
- Add ammo type next to the weapons in your inventory


- Zone needs to be more transparent
- Self footsteps louder then enemy footsteps
- Farther distance for lethal

Disclaimer the additions to the game is just personal preference if you disagree with one give me a reason why!
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