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WHERE THE ******** IS MY CODE?!? Empty WHERE THE ******** IS MY CODE?!?

on Mon 17 Aug - 18:05
Ive sent numerous messages to support, ive made posts here, ive tried to contact on discord!!

Ive pre-ordered since february 19.2020, I HAVE SINCE THEN NOT RECIEVED ANYTHING! Ive talked with Adeyka which confirmed my purchase and that i would get my pre-order regardless of their problems with my pre-order confirmation email, but it has yet to appear?!

My pre-order was purchased under the circumstances that i would be allowed to play one day before official launch, and i have YET to find anything from AXC games in my spam folder or any folder on my email. I want a refund of my pre-order so i can buy the game myself on steam because this is utter bullshit.

BTW people like AndL banning people for criticism on discord are NOT helping, he should be fired from the project!
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WHERE THE ******** IS MY CODE?!? Empty Re: WHERE THE ******** IS MY CODE?!?

on Mon 17 Aug - 19:22
Your not wrong here...I am in the same boat with this, It isn't in my spam folder I sent emails to support with the paypal transaction and Proof of my purchase and I got nothing, I pre ordered to try and help out! This is ridiculous at this point.. I refuse to buy it on steam until I GET MY ORIGINAL MONEY BACK OR A CODE.... I am 50 years old I own my own business and I know how to use a computer and communicate with others. Regards Justin
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WHERE THE ******** IS MY CODE?!? Empty Re: WHERE THE ******** IS MY CODE?!?

on Tue 18 Aug - 10:34
I was dumb enough to help Kickstart this game in June 2019, was promised Alpha key and some skin.
Havent received shit. Not a single update since the game got funded.
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WHERE THE ******** IS MY CODE?!? Empty Re: WHERE THE ******** IS MY CODE?!?

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