ANAREA Battle Royale
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on Sun 16 Aug - 19:49
Hello Dev's.
if you read this please have it on consideration.
- add bullet tracers
- leading bullets is almost impossible.
- fix running up hill problem
- you can't reload while crouching which is annoying (when fighting)
- add ability to jump thru windows
- remove sound from chest when opened;footsteps from corpses
- you can't hear footsteps in some terrains (fences,fast food place,in city parks, and other places that i can't remember)
- harmony peak there is some houses that you can walk thru walls.
- at St Ana fix stairs from the porches. you cant walk thru'em you gotta jump'em.
- ADS animation sometimes will slow down you Char which is annoying while fighting and it takes a while to go back to normal speed. so its alike a Stun.
- add sound when walking thru a fence.
- Please Reduce the Amount of Foliage there is way too much and just increases the GPU usage i got a 1080Ti and the usage hits 100%.
- Fix the Fall Damage.
- there is some buildings around the game with floating Furniture.

Overall i have high hopes on it.
Play Fair & Have Fun.

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