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on Fri 14 Aug - 23:06
Hi I would like to share my personal feedback.

Bugs Report: Alpha

- running on grass: Missing some footsteps sounds when a player running from grass to building floor.
- City: getting fps drop when entering the city area (for some seconds)
- Not able to take some items from lootbox
- When the game is over I always get send from US server to EU server
- Remove PreGame lobby ASAP too many crash and !WASTE OF TIME!
- Medic (bandage, medpack, seringe) should be easier to use I was searching for it while fighting in inventory
 (scroll wheel in game meds should be added Like apex legends)

Gameplay Idea: For gameplay it is my personal idea

- Airplane for parachute drop
- Add Helmet for loot to really feel the (2 tap headshot)
- Bullet tracer when shooting  Laughing
- Being able to destroy fance
- Jumping threw windows with window broken sounds (jumping animation to climb fance and smaller wall ?)
- Car for driving across map
- Crosshair (in the middle of the screen fixed vice versa) Color crosshair too
- Inventory should be smaller and quicker to get back on fight asap
- Future lobby with 60+ players
- No pregame lobby personaly it is waste of time (starting a game take for ever )
- Grenade, flash bang ( need better animation )
- When you get shot blood splash should be added to really feel (when you hit an enemy and when you get hit)
- Dying animation
- Sniper scope ?
Control: - Mousewheeldown for jump, I was not able to set it in (control setting)

Thank you and Take care

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