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[AXC] Warden
[AXC] Warden
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Forum rules Empty Forum rules

on Sun 29 Mar - 12:29
Forum rules

Here are all the rules applied to the forum:

- Respect the role and rules of each categories (General discussions, Support and assistance...)

- Do not create topics or spam abusively

- Any inappropriate, racist, defamatory, vulgar, degrading messages or usernames are not tolerated.

- No harassment towards other members or moderators will be tolerated (including via private messages).

- Respect the opinions/comments of the other members as well as the AXC GAMES staff.

- NSFW content is not allowed.

- No advertising not previously authorized by the Staff is allowed (except on dedicated areas).

⚠  Failure to comply with one or more of these rules may result in penalties ranging from a simple warning to a complete expulsion from the forum. ⚠

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